Value-adding Integration

Concept and methods (a methodology) for successful low cost, low risk, fast improvement and innovation of products, services and processes; and more productive analysis, creativity and collaboration

Value-adding integration (VAI) is based on our work practices.  Innovation begins and ends with the customer, on creating value and not on focussing narrowly on the product or on technology.

VAI provides a way of thinking, analysing and developing innovative ideas to enhance creativity, collaboration and dissemination of data. VAI also provides a way of interpreting what is working well and why.  VAI is intended to be simple to work in the background to help everyone involved deliver better results, faster.

Some Novel Features
The same VAI generic approach can be used by a team or individual to identify improvements or innovations (to products, services and processes, to reduce costs and wastage) and to improve the efficacy of their collaboration.  It also empowers the team to analyse their own experiences and use this understanding for innovation and improvement.

A subtle feature of the VAI methodology is that it minimises risk through:
a. Innovations are inherently low risk compared to a technology or product focus;
Risk to a successful outcome is further reduced by later stages;
c. The same methodology can be used to work on correcting issues;
Use of the methodology can pro-actively pre-empt some issues.

The new situation created may also provide a novel platform for more improvements and innovations, which add value and reduce costs.

Next Steps
It takes a short time to learn through a presentation or webinar before using.

We recently gave a presentation to NASA NHHPC on our methodology NASA NHHPC is a virtual community led by NASA comprising of US Government agencies, leading companies and non-profits interested in issues relating to manned space flight.

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